JavaFx Music Spectrum

My first 2018 post, and hi to you all.

Building a circular progress indicator specifically for showing the music progress was the initial idea which  was fairly simple to do with the Animation class ,with the code snippet below

 Animation = new Transition() {

    protected void interpolate(double frac) {

                double interpolation_angle  = slerpFunc(frac);

                double  sinValue = Math.sin(Math.toRadians(interpolation_angle  + startAngle));
                double  cosValue = Math.cos(Math.toRadians(interpolation_angle  + startAngle));

                double angleX = center2d.getX() + (radius * 0.4) * sinValue;
                double angleY = center2d.getY() + (radius * 0.4) * cosValue;


My Slerp function looks like so, found on stackoverflow.

private double slerpFunc(double frac){
          return (((((360 - 0) % 360) + 540 ) % 360) + 180) * frac;

Half  way the project i decided to change to the project to visualize spectrum magnitude of each band in a song.I used the default number of bands 128 and a threshold of -300 for better visibility.

The bands are drawn from the center creating 128 nodes each with an opacity that corresponds to the spectral threshold.Since the opacity value is between 0 to 1,i had to normalize the threshold values.

Andre -Fascination Javafx
 Music Spectrum 
sleep away Spectrum



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