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I was invited last month for a KODI (Kenya Open Data Initiative) for a developers workshop basically learning how to use the API rather than downloading data , and honestly my hard disk was getting crammed with csv,tsv,xml,xlsx  "OMG".

One thing that caught my attention was the Geo spatial queries and i had  a some questions in mind e.g "what  health facility is near me at a given radius ? and e.g how long will it take from a dispensary to a health center ?".

API used.

JavaFx    - UI
Routing  -  Graphhopper API  (key)
Map       -  NASA WorldWind Java (offline mode)
Data       -  Kenya Open Data API (key)

Any point you click in the map within the Kenya boundary ,you get health facilities within the given radius,by default is 500 m,and the county map and name displays in the county pane.
A red border means no facilities within that radius,and green vice versa.

Click a health facility to add to the route pane.which returns distance in kilometers and time in minutes.

default UI
In Nairobi within 4000 m radius  number of health facility results

Nairobi County Health facility within 4000 m radius

Nairobi county route  from a Health center to a Nursing Home and Maternity Hospital

Nairobi County
Route from Health center to a Nursing Home

Nakuru County within 5000 m radius.

Mandera County within 80000 m from dispensary to a health facility.

Route from a dispensary to a health facility


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