Javafx WikiViz 3

This is a continuation of my WikiViz 2, but with different data set Wikipedia click stream data and no bar charts.
After playing around with  javafx panes AnchorPane,FlowPane and HBox and producing the results i am thinking drawing  the Visuals in a Canvas is the best alternative, i haven't really tried it yet but am certain its going to work better than this,coming soon.
Incoming and outgoing traffic for article 2014 celebrity photo hack more then 1000
The data size is 1.23 GB TSV (Tab Separated File) file recorded during the month of February,check here to get more info on how it was done.

Reading a data set this big with the usual method i use which is

Files.readAllLines(Paths.get("2015_2_clickstream.tsv"));  will produce OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space .Too large to read to memory ,

Reading the file line by line

  FileInputStream in=new FileInputStream("2015_2_clickstream.tsv");    
  Scanner sc=new Scanner(in);


          String line=sc.nextLine();
I did searches like "celebs","film"  created a separate file with the results.

The curve is an SVGPath and a Rectangle as a children in a HBox and the HBox a child in a FlowPane,i tried an AnchorPane as the parent of the SVGPath but drawing different StrokeWidth along the Y-Axis gives different layout.
FlowPane works fine but still am going to try the Canvas idea.

There are two different FlowPanes as parents of incoming traffic and outgoing(SVGPath)  the FlowPane are styled by CSS to create the rectangle at the middle,with the article title as a Text.

incoming traffic Flowpane -fx-background-color:linear-gradient(to right, khaki 75%, black 75%);
outgoing traffic Flowpane -fx-background-color:linear-gradient(to left, khaki 75%, black 75%);

Top 5 Articles (Referer Twitter)

Outgoing from Twitter to Wikipedia articles

Top 5 Articles (Referer Bing)

Outgoing Bing to Wikipedia articles more than 55000

American Sniper (film)

American Sniper incoming and outgoing traffic more than 20000


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