Visualizing Nairobi Transit(GTFS) with WorldWind in JavaFX

Thanks to the digital matatus Nairobi has a GTFS(Google Transport Feed Specification) ,that is according to google definition "a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information".
The geographic information is what i wanted ,reading through the GTFS guidelines i  was set to first look around for an API .
OneBusWay came recommended but i decided to go with this google code project i found ,it isn't complete ,so you will have to create a shape class and add this lines of code to the GtfsReader class and GtfsSpec class.

Setting up WorldWind check my previous post.

Nairobi GTFS and Nairobi boundaries

Shape Class

public class Shape {
    private final String id;
    private final String shape_lat;
    private final String shape_lon;

    public Shape(String id,String shape_lat,String shape_lon){;
    public String getID(){
        return id;
    public String getShapeLat(){
        return shape_lat;
    public String getShapeLon(){
        return shape_lon;
add this code to the GtfsReader class just after the routes else if

else if(filename.equals("shapes.txt")){
          List<Map<String, String>> lines = readCsv(zip);
            for (Map<String, String> line : lines) {
          shapes.add(new Shape(line.get("shape_id"), line.get("shape_pt_lat"),
reading the gtfs file

 GtfsReader gtfs=new GtfsReader();
 GtfsSpec spec=gtfs.readGtfsFile(new FileInputStream(""));

Drawing the Polyline 

List<Position> pos=new ArrayList<>();

for (Shape a : spec.shapes) {       pos.add(Position.fromDegrees(Double.valueOf(a.getShapeLat()),Double.valueOf(a.getShapeLon())));
      Polyline line=new Polyline(pos,3e4);

Nairobi Matatu GTFS
Nairobi GTFS


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